Photo Taken By: Tracy Ann Photography

What a great way to set fire to Tune Crush’s first ‘Getting to Know’ article with the incredibly talented, feel-good folk singer, David Lacey. With David’s skills as an incredible multi-instrumentalist, he is almost guaranteed to leave you shocked in your seats with amazement after hearing his singles, such as; ‘Peacock Feathers’, ‘Face First’ and ‘Pride’ – played on BBC Local Radio’s ‘The Beat’ (Which generated a great response from the listeners). Being best known for writing his songs single-handed, and composing them almost entirely on a solitary basis, you will often see him performing with just himself and his guitar.

As a diverse, acoustic artist, whom of which performs in various venues across the country – especially in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire – David experiments with pop and folk genres to create his own contemporary masterpieces. Performing with his own up-beat style, and having lyrics often referring to love; listening to his music will most certainly “knock you off your feet”.

With this artist’s incredible vocal range, and diverse musical creativity, be sure not to miss an ounce of up-coming gigs and release dates; therefore, find him on Facebook and Twitter by clicking the links, or by typing ‘@iamdavidlacey’ into the search bars.

TAKE A LISTEN to one of his latest singles ‘Keep off the Grass’, taken from his recently released album ‘Concrete Rivers’. (available for viewing and purchase on Amazon and iTunes).

To check out more of his music, you are able to find his songs on SoundCloud and YouTube by clicking the links, or by searching for ‘iamdavidlacey’, also.

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